Dataset of Historical Elections in Catalonia (DHEC)

Different models of ballot boxes.
Different models of old ballot boxes.Source: Arxiu Comarcal de l'Alt Penedès

This dataset covers all electoral returns at the census-tract and municipality level for all lower chamber and provincial elections that took place in Catalonia between 1890 and 1923. The dataset also contains information at the district-level, candidate-level, and GIS data —all shapefiles with municipality divisions for this period.

Please cite as:  Vall-Prat, P. (2021). Dataset of Historical Elections in Catalonia (DHEC): Micro-level Historical Results (1890–1923). Data in Brief, 36, 107017.

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Decentralization and Regional Cabinet Size in Spain (1979-2015)

Map of Spanish RegionsImage source: Diario16

This dataset is based on region-cabinet observations for all regions (Comunidades Autónomas) in Spain between 1980s to 2015. The main variable of interest is the number of cabinet regional ministers and it is combined with other political, economic, and social indicators. The dataset was originally compiled for my BA Thesis (expanded and completed in coauthorship with Toni Rodon). You can find the dataset here, and the replication materials here.

Please cite as:  Vall-Prat, P., & Rodon, T. (2017). Decentralisation and regional cabinet size: the Spanish case (1979–2015). West European Politics, 40(4), 717-740.

Data on other publications available under request.